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Upstairs Bathroom – Before

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Hall Bath "Before

Half bath fixtures "Before"

This is the only room that doesn’t need any paint for some reason. It’s also the only room that is decorated with a gothic themed mirror and crazy hands coming out of the wall holding sconces. Most recently we have been entertaining the possibility of installing a fireman’s pole from the rather large closet down into the bar below. Not really but it would be so cool.

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Bedroom – Before

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Bedroom - "Before"

Bedroom Mantle "Before"

The bedroom is in pretty good shape – needs a new paint job (no idea what color) and some nice furniture. So far we have a mattress and nothing to put it on.

The view from the bedroom "Before"

This should be a lovely view of the from porch and upper balcony once we get the curving balcony railing replaced.

Ensuite fixtures "Before"

Ensuite tub "Before"

Current ensuite is actually a good size but the plan is to turn it into a walk through closet and go through the wall into the back green bedroom and turn it into a master suite.

Back Green Room "Before

No, I have no idea what that stuff is in the mantle. I hope it's insulation. And not alive.

I’m including this in the bedroom before pictures since the current plan is to go into this room and turn it into a gorgeous master bathroom with a big soaker tub looking at the fireplace which will no longer be green.

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Back stairs – Before

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Back Stairs "Before"

Not too much to do back here … yet. But carrying a queen mattress up these stairs was nearly the end of me.

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Downstairs Powder Room – Before

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Downstairs bath "Before"

Downstairs Bath - Shower "Before"

The current downstairs bathroom may have undergone some decorations in the last 120 years and I think perhaps it’s time to redo it once again. The plan here is to do it ourselves and save some money. Or perhaps we just wanted to test our sanity and up the ante on our do it yourself plan.

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Kitchen/Den – Before

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Kitchen "Before"

Kitchen Floor "Before"

The kitchen is really large especially for this age of house. After much deliberation we decided to keep the wood floor – though there is a strange break in the floorboards where we assume perhaps once there was a wall between an original butler’s pantry (now where most of the kitchen cabinetry is) and the rest of the kitchen. We may have to insulate though, since at the moment you can see daylight under your feet between the boards and see the ground under the house which is a bit disconcerting.

Back Door "Before"

The back door with a lovely stained glass transom, this will probably continue to be the door we use most often. Unfortunately we just discovered that this door (whose lock has been funky) is nailed on at the hinges. Yes, that’s right, some genius used nails to hold a heavy door on.

Kitchen wall into den "Before"

Behind this wall around the L shape kitchen is a small den, currently blue. The plan is to remove the wall, leaving the exposed brick of the fireplace on both side and put a bar into the den making a large entertaining space from kitchen to bar and opening up into the hallway by removing some of the added wall around what is now the oven, opening the sight lines from the dining/parlors into a more modern kitchen/bar space.

Den "Before"

Wall between kitchen and den "before"

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