This is our brand new (old) house.  It’s a beautiful Victorian on the edge of the Garden District of New Orleans. Follow us on our journey to restore her to her former beauty, and meet the characters along the way that you will only find in a city like none other, the city that care forgot.

The house as we found her


When we found her, the house was absolutely gorgeous inside but needed some TLC.  It had been sitting up abandoned since Katrina for 6 years just waiting for someone to come take care of it.

It had been on the market for 3 years and no one had even made a decent offer.





This house was also one of the first we’d seen in our real estate hunt, but like that first date with an amazing person to whom no one else really seems to measure up, we just couldn’t forget her.

We closed on September 28, 2011 and while it might have seemed like a long strange trip just to get there, we then embarked on a much longer, stranger trip as we started the renovations and restoration.