Upstairs Bedrooms

Plaster Gouging

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Here we are in the interior inspecting the work the plasterers have done… So far we’ve been exceptionally pleased with the people we hired. Plaster work is their specialty and they are gouging the walls all the way back to the lath and then replastering, sanding etc.
But it’s creepy the way the walls look while they’re in process. Gouging is the right word for it. As if the walls and the house itself has been grievously wounded, cut to its bones, the skin peeled open to see what’s behind.

I know I shouldn’t anthropomorphize the house to this extent, not while we’re fixing it. So I tell the poor media room it’s for your own good, this is only necessary surgery and soon it will all be done and you’ll be all fixed up. Can’t wait until it’s done!

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Yellow Room – Before

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Yellow Room "Before"

Yellow room ceiling "Before"

This is obviously the best ceiling in the house at this point. Current plan is for this middle bedroom to be the media room – the room that has our old couch, our big ol’ tv which has no place in the formal victorian parlors downstairs and where we veg out. But it also could be an office. And it has cherub tiles around the mantle and it’s across the hall from the master bedroom so I assume it was originally meant as a nursery

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Blue Office – Before

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Blue Office Mantle "Before"

Blue Office 2 "Before"

The front office was called by Dave as it seemed much more masculine with lovely blue tiles on the mantle and lots of room for a big executive desk with fancy bookshelf and a madmen bar in the corner. Or as he explained it “I’m bigger than you. I need the bigger office”. The only trouble is the two offices are right next to each other and we both work from home – we don’t really need to listen to each other all day too. We still haven’t decided what to do.
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Jess Office – Before

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Jess Office "Before"

View from Jess Office

The small office up front of the house is the lightest room in the house and has a lovely view out the full height windows onto the balcony (still missing a railing since Katrina). Jess called this office and now even though it’s right next to the office Dave called… I’m still pretty attached to it. Carpet needs to go and this is the only room in the house that I actually want to paint the woodwork in.

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