Master Suite

Bedroom – Before

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Bedroom - "Before"

Bedroom Mantle "Before"

The bedroom is in pretty good shape – needs a new paint job (no idea what color) and some nice furniture. So far we have a mattress and nothing to put it on.

The view from the bedroom "Before"

This should be a lovely view of the from porch and upper balcony once we get the curving balcony railing replaced.

Ensuite fixtures "Before"

Ensuite tub "Before"

Current ensuite is actually a good size but the plan is to turn it into a walk through closet and go through the wall into the back green bedroom and turn it into a master suite.

Back Green Room "Before

No, I have no idea what that stuff is in the mantle. I hope it's insulation. And not alive.

I’m including this in the bedroom before pictures since the current plan is to go into this room and turn it into a gorgeous master bathroom with a big soaker tub looking at the fireplace which will no longer be green.

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