Downstairs Powder Room – Before

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Downstairs bath "Before"

Downstairs Bath - Shower "Before"

The current downstairs bathroom may have undergone some decorations in the last 120 years and I think perhaps it’s time to redo it once again. The plan here is to do it ourselves and save some money. Or perhaps we just wanted to test our sanity and up the ante on our do it yourself plan.

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  1. 12-7-2011

    I loved the housing tour of Nola that you guys took me on, and was excited to hear you took on this crazy behemoth of a place. I can’t wait to see how it all ends up – hopefully you’ll both be sane (mostly) by the end of it all too! Frankly, you can’t really do much worse than the downstairs bathroom – some white paint & new grout would be a massive improvement!