Plaster Gouging

Posted by on Dec 11, 2011 in Painting, Renovations, Upstairs Bedrooms | 2 comments

Here we are in the interior inspecting the work the plasterers have done… So far we’ve been exceptionally pleased with the people we hired. Plaster work is their specialty and they are gouging the walls all the way back to the lath and then replastering, sanding etc.
But it’s creepy the way the walls look while they’re in process. Gouging is the right word for it. As if the walls and the house itself has been grievously wounded, cut to its bones, the skin peeled open to see what’s behind.

I know I shouldn’t anthropomorphize the house to this extent, not while we’re fixing it. So I tell the poor media room it’s for your own good, this is only necessary surgery and soon it will all be done and you’ll be all fixed up. Can’t wait until it’s done!


  1. 1-18-2012

    Hi David and Jessica! I am David’s cousin from Michigan! My mom, Sue, came to see your house when she was in NO in October. She was having trouble viewing your website, so I helped her find it. What a georgous house! I love watching all the HGTV shows on remodeling and stuff – you must be having a ball doing this house! A lot of work, I’m sure. I’m (tentatively) going to be coming to NO in May for my husbands’ bowling tourney in Baton Rouge – I’d LOVE to see the house while I’m there! Mom will most likely be coming back, too, if here health is ok. Hope to see you and the house soon!

    • 1-18-2012

      Hi Brenda! Thanks for visiting. Of course we’d love to see you and show you the house. Keep in touch! And we’ll try to get back to updating this blog 🙂 Yes, it’s been a lot of work but we love HGTV too and it’s interesting to be experiencing it in person now…