Cleaning out a drain

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Having our gutters replaced was an exciting prospect, made more interesting by suspense filled discovery of which gutter drains would or would not actually drain. Turns out all but the front drain which has been thoroughly consumed by the oak tree roots and was only made of clay to start with will probably work.

This drain out back (just inside the neighbor’s fence), however, looked so nice and white and plastic but was filled to the brim with leaves/dirt etc. Suggestions were made to call expensive people like plumbers but I decided that my arm fit in there fine and I went and got some kitchen goves, a bar-b-q fork, some tongs and started jamming my hand in there digging away.

Here’s the view of what was sticking my hand into (got in there down to my armpit eventually):

And after doing this for a while I grasped something that felt strange and then another thing and then another. For a second I wondered what I’d do if I pulled up a human hand, or an alligator attached to me, but no, it was treasure left for me by kind passers by:

Yes, that’s right. 2 shingles from shutters and a BEER BOTTLE. Ironically we should be glad that a helpful pubgoer decided to drop his beer bottle down there however many months or years ago because that and the shingles probably formed a damn and stopped up the drain with the ensuing leaves and dirt to that when I finally got my arm all the way down there to where it bent towards the city drains, it was totally clear. Here’s hoping I don’t have to do that again soon.