Moved in

Posted by on Dec 3, 2011 in Renovations | Comments Off on Moved in

After one starts a blog with a huge amount of detailed information and then stops blogging for a month to move in… one might feel a great deal of pressure to come up with something suitably informative and important to start blogging about. But I will resist the pressure, and instead post some “Before” pictures!

We have been moved in for 2 weeks now – we’re living piecemeal, sleeping and watching tv in the one bedroom apartment out back and working in a makeshift office in the den and using the kitchen in the main house.

Unfortunately at this point the fridge (which we fixed) is in the one bedroom while the kitchen is in the main house. The sink in the one bedroom bathroom is leaking so we brush our teeth in the kitchen sink. There’s hot water in the one bedroom but no shower, there’s a shower upstairs in the main house with hot water but no toilet. There’s no hot water in the main floor of the main house so that’s meant no hot water to do dishes. And that means that Dave finishing installing the hot water heater this weekend is directly on the critical path.

But despite the stress and annoyances, we find new details and discoveries about this beautiful old house every day and take time to periodically remind each other that even without reliable HVAC or hot water this is a fantastic adventure.