Foyer – Before

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Foyer - Stairs "Before"

Foyer’s “Before” – This is still my favorite room of the house

Foyer View Down - "Before"








Foyer’s view looking down to the door – We need to fix the hundred year old lock on this door which is turning out to be more complex than you might think.

Foyer Mantle - "Before"







Foyer’s mantle – We started referring to the beautiful hand-painted tile work on this mantle that depicts two women picnicking (I think) as “The sad ladies”. I think they are sad because they’re tired of listening to us argue about what color to paint the foyer.

Foyer stairs - "Before"





Another gorgeous view of the stairs with the fantastic statue light.

Foyer - Hanging Piece "Before"









I’m not sure what this and while it’s an interesting piece I don’t feel it goes with the house. Though from the increasing number of guest surveys I may be the only one who feels this way… regardless, I am determined this not be in the “After” picture.